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Cyber Chicken

This was my debut full-length game soundtrack album and I could not be more honored that I won the Silver Medal with it at the Global Music Awards. Cyber Chicken is my biggest project to date, and I am really proud of this soundtrack.


The Noteflight Game Scoring Contest was a great opportunity to practice my game music skills, and to receive feedback from the great Chance Thomas which I look up to. I was super thrilled to have won this contest and to hear my cue being played by a real orchestra.

Alpha Quest

I spent some time working with the awesome folks at Rikkir Inc. Alpha Quest is a puzzle mobile game. Our hard work paid off when it won the Best Indie Game award at the Canadian Videogame Awards and was also nominated for Best Audio.


The Scorbit Sound Design Contest was my first adventure with game sound design. They provided a concept art of a character and asked to bring it to life with sound design. I was ecstatic to have won this contest and I see it as a career launching milestone.