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Honors & Awards

Winner: Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Music Global Music Awards

Winner: Video Game Scoring Contest Noteflight

Winner: Sound Design Contest Scorbit

Nominee: Best Audio Canadian Video Game Awards

Sound Effects Libraries

​Stealth Game Epic Stock Media
Fighting Game Epic Stock Media
MMO Game Magic Epic Stock Media
Ocean Game Epic Stock Media

Released Games

7out Broken Elbow
Alpha Quest rikkir
Balls Breaker Pinka
Biker's Bubble Puncher Pinka
Bingo Gems Tangelo
Bingo Partners Tangelo
Bingo Ride Tangelo
Biophosis Exmat
Blasts! Radical Fun Games

Block Blast Radical Fun Games
Block Puzzle Pinka

Block Tournament Radical Fun Games
Blow Up Heroes Drastic Fun
Blow Up Masters Eye Per Casual
Bookful Inception XR

Bookful Learning: Smurfs Time Inception XR
Bookful Learning: Magic Tales Inception XR
Bookful Magic 3D Paint & Color Inception XR
Boom Bricks RUSH Broken Elbow
Boom Bricks Broken Elbow
Bouncing Balls Crush Pinka
Bouncing Balls Rush Pinka
Box vs Lines Drastic Fun
Balls n Walls Ouzo
Bubble Bliss Pinka
Bubble Breaker Pinka
Bubble Cat Adventure Pinka
Bubble Challenge Pinka
Bubble Dark Pinka
Bubble Legend Pinka
Bubble Pop Attack Pinka
Bubble Puzzle Fun Pinka
Bubble Puzzles Pinka
Bubble Shooter Empire Pinka
Bubble Shooter Jelly Pinka
Bubble Shooter Smash Pinka
Bubble Shooter Pinka
Bubble Shooter Pinka
Bubble Ultra Blast Pinka
Bubble Zone Master Pinka
Bubbles Classic Pinka
Bubbles Deluxe Pinka
Bubbles Fantasy Pinka
Cake Slinky 1208 Productions
Candy Bubble Shooter Pinka
Cans vs Bullets 1208 Productions
Canyon Ride VR Rilix
Carpet Ski Tangelo
Cats Bubble Adventure Pinka
Cats Bubbles Pinka
Chess Vision Quest Salien.Tech
Chipmunk Bubbles Pinka
Clash Broken Elbow
Classic Bubbles Pinka
Clean The Room! Ouzo
Coin Rush 1208 Productions
Color Maze Ouzo
Crazy Knives Tangelo
Crossy Spikes rikkir
Cyber Chicken Groupees
Dark Space Rings Level 41225
Dice Puzzle Broken Elbow
Divine Forest Spinomenal
Downr Eye Per Casual
Draw Jack Tangelo
Drift Extreme Playrock Studios
Escape From Bubbling Sea Pinka

Fling! Miniclip
Garden Plan Ouzo
Geolino Inception XR
Gold Stack Tangelo

Grid Fight: Mask Of The Goddess Playtra Games
Hoopster Broken Elbow
Hopeless Lone Guardian
Horror Gems Tangelo
INNN Broken Elbow
Into The War Small Town Studios
Jack vs Witch Tangelo
Jelly Piggy Tangelo
Joker Fall Tangelo
Joker Gem Tangelo
Joker Hills Tangelo
Joker Loops Tangelo
Joker On a Run Tangelo
Joker Party Tangelo
Joker vs Fireballs Tangelo

Lucky Pie Ouzo
Magic Madness Boundless Studio
Nancy64 BitzGames
One Flipper Story Eye Per Casual
Parties & Puzzles
 Snax Games
Party Cat! Ouzo
Piggy Break Tangelo
Piggy Gold Surfer Tangelo
Pin King Eye Per Casual

Polyshapes Ouzo
Power Bubbles Pinka
Relax Bubble Shooter Pinka
Relik Iron 27
Rio Parrot Adventure Pinka
Ripple Playrock Studios
Rite of Warriors Rebellic
Rogue Invader
 Squishy Games
Shoot Bubbles Pinka
Spelloo Deakin University
Spider Roads Eye Per Casual
Swamp Bubbles Pinka
Tappy Toes rikkir
The Chronicles of Zuro Exmat
Tiny Slot Cars 1208 Productions

Top Squares Eye Per Casual
Tower Match 1208 Productions
Tribe Bubbles Pinka
Up Dunks Crazy Labs
VIP Flip Tangelo
Xtinct Kid Kiwi

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